9th International Symposium on
Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG9)

June 21-23, 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



NCGG5 - 5th International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases

Program, impression and presentations

June 30- July 3rd, 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


NCGG5 dialogue between science, policy, industry and agriculture

Six interactive workshops and plenary opening and closure session

The international NCGG-5 conference aims to remove barriers between representatives from science, policy, industry and agriculture. Therefore NCGG-5 will foster fruitful and constructive dialogue between 3 scientists, engineers, managers and other officials in industry, agriculture and government from various countries and continents. All these stakeholders are involved in efforts to reduce non-CO2 greenhouse gases from a largely different perspective.

A multidisciplinary approach facilitated by interactive workshops and plenary interactive voting sessions will contibute to finding more realistic and achievable mitigation solutions for short-, medium- and long-term that can significantly lower NCGG emissions.

Therefore the organising committee of NCGG-5 has included a number of new participatory elements in the 4 days programme of parallel presentations of papers for theme 1, 2 an 3.

The interactive sessions and workshops on relevant NCGG-issues will create a discussion platform for sharing knowledge, solutions and defining needs for innovations in the field of technology, product-market-combinations and policy framing between interested NCGG5 participants from various countries and disciplines. By open and constructive knowledge transfer over the existing boundaries it is expected that the rate of NCGG-reduction could be significantly increased in a large number of countries for the period 2010-2020 and beyond. Also existing national and  international public-private partnerships on NCGG-reduction might be strengthened by the outcomes of this intensified NCGG-5 dialogue. Issues aimed at crossfertilisation to be discussed and voted could be:

  • where to apply generic or tailor-made NCGG policy implementation instruments;
  • whether to address NCGG-reduction within climate context or broader context;
  • which mix of incentives and credible threat of sanctions has to be applied for successful NCGG-initiatives and reduction measures?
  • how to deal with the role of aerosols in human-induced climate change?
  • what types of additional knowledge will be required for introducing Emission Trading aimed at NCCG-reduction in agricultural sectors?

The main outcomes of interactive voting, workshop and parallel theme1, 2 and 3 sessions will be discussed in plenary closure session with a Contest of Arguments for clarifying the pro’s and con’s of various generated solutions and innovation road maps as wel as defining the NCGG5 conference deliverables with broad support of participants.

Special NCGG session on recent global Methane increase

Is the recent increase of methane concentrations ending a temporary period of steady state?

In 2007 and 2008 the atmospheric methane concentration has been increasing again after a 6 year period of apparent steady state. At present it is still unclear whether the current increase is another temporary anomaly, like the one observed in 2004, or the start of a new period of methane increase. The focus of this session is on contemporary sources and sinks of methane, their tendencies in recent years, and plausible developments in the near future. Interesting areas include, for example, the response of natural sources to climate change and changes of anthropogenic emissions in response to regional changes in economical development, energy use, and agriculture. We welcome contributions from process modeling, analyses of atmospheric measurements and the construction of anthropogenic emission inventories


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